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What do you need to know about subcontracting variety artists and event performers?

Your event’s attractions can make or break your event. Audiences return annually to successful events. Events can hinge their success oftentimes on a variety performer, strolling entertainer, or stage act and those special moments. No audiences enjoy waiting 30 minutes after a show was supposed to begin. It’s the small details that can hold up the show.
Magic shows, juggling shows, comedy acts or the sideshow artists doing balloon art, face painting, airbrush painting, cartoon art, and fortune telling are your event’s attractions. These can create photo opps for families, bring big laughs and fun memories. They can also make or break your event without careful preparation. Your event planning and coordination of these major players in advance will benefit the outcome of your event.
Managing variety artists for events is like herding cats. I’ve done it for over 20 years. It’s been a fun roller coaster ride, and I’ve learned a ton on how to turn events into a successes. Naturally, a happy performer is a strong performer and a great attraction.
Note that experienced entertainers have the upper hand on creating a far better event. New performers and amateurs may fit your event budget better, but they won’t have the wealth of experiences that others do. An experienced performer means that they’ve been there before – they’ve already experienced the craziest and most challenging situations at some point in their careers. Newbies absolutely won’t shine when the stuff hits the fan. Examples? An unexpected audience member crosses the stage and interrupts the performer’s routines. Or an argument breaks out in the customer line for face painting. It’s worth paying a bit extra for the experienced performer who won’t get knocked off course by the unexpected.

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